Cohort members participate in a twice-monthly learning series.
Learn fundamentals of trauma, toxic stress, and resiliency
Build skills that feed and sustain a trauma-informed, resilient culture
Engage with experts during learning sessions
Take Action
Cohort members tailor and apply learning within their organization.
Take CRN Assessment to identify what's needed
Implement small-scale interventions
Expand test cases: trauma-informed, healing practices become the norm
Cohort members support one another as they test new practices.
Reflect on and document experience
Share experiences, challenges, solutions, and resources in meetings
Form affinity groups to accelerate shared progress
Cultivate inclusive talent strategies.
Companies will gain actionable, employee-informed strategies, hear from companies on innovative practices, and get feedback on current processes. 
Launch an inclusive practice pilot.
Attendees will drill down on the talent practices that align with the metrics that matter to them and design a pilot to activate those practices in their firms.
Join an inclusive employer network.
Once companies deploy their pilots, they will stay connected with their cohort and other alumni for ongoing peer learning, support, and accountability.