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Our partner organizations do amazing things.

Leon walker

Managing Partner, DL3 Realty
"We want to see capital hit the streets and change lives—not just aspirational headlines."
The Corporate Coalition advances Leon's mission.
DL3 is committed to investing equity capital into high-impact real estate projects that create a ripple effect in Chicago's historically disinvested communities.

The Corporate Coalition provides a forum where we can connect with other like-minded stakeholders and source funding for projects that improve economic prospects and the lives of local residents.
DL3 supports EPIC.
EPIC will provide the necessary pre-development capital and gap funding so that South and West Side developers can close deals and move their communities forward. I am excited to help shape this timely initiative that can be implemented and scaled to connect Black and Brown entrepreneurs to impact equity capital.

Melvin Thompson

Executive director, endeleo Institute
"The Coalition has helped our organization blaze a trail where previously, there was no path."
The Corporate Coalition unlocked growth for Endeleo.
Participation in the Corporate Connector has changed our trajectory. The resources made available to us have without question made a positive and indelible mark on our organization. Working with the Corporate Coalition helps our organization grow by deepening relationships with the powerful and influential business sector, a critical part of sustainability and growth. When you work with the Coalition, your organization is mentioned positively in rooms where you are not present. That alone is invaluable. Participating in the Coalition provides business acumen that nonprofits and community-based organizations often miss out on.

Kevin ryan

Project manager, CBRE
"We must actively create equity in communities that our industry has historically disenfranchised."
With the Coalition, CBRE turns intention into action.
With the growing national conversation around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, a lot of our employees have started to become more aware of the devastating role that the real estate industry as a whole has played in systemic inequity, especially here in Chicago. The challenge for us was determining how and where to focus our effort. The Corporate Coalition met us right at the point where that effort was seeking intention and direction.

In order for CBRE to deliver on its commitment to stand for tolerance and equity, we need to bake social impact into our day-to-day operations. The Corporate Coalition serves as a conduit to channel our resources to community groups that are already doing the work in their neighborhoods.

Take meaningful action.

Join the corporate coalition in advancing the fight for equity.