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Think differently.
Act collectively.

We are an alliance of companies using our assets and capabilities to address inequities in the greater Chicago region.
Eileen Mitchell
Co-Chair, Corporate Coalition President, AT&T Illinois and AT&T Great Lakes States
Roger Hochschild
Co-Chair, Corporate Coalition
CEO and President, Discover
Maurice Smith
Co-Chair, Corporate Coalition
CEO, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)
Eileen Mitchell
President of AT&T Illinois and AT&T Great Lakes States
Maurice Smith
CEO of Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC)
Roger Hochschild
CEO and President of Discover


Chicagoland Workforce Funders Alliance celebrates 10 years of impact

The Chicago Workforce Funder Alliance recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, and last month they shared a video that highlights the Alliance's approach to its work and impact over the past decade. Check it out- and congratulations to all involved in this work!

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From Supplier Diversity to Business Diversity: Northern Trust Expands Procurement Beyond MBE/WBE Owners

Northern Trust’s data-driven approach helps the bank integrate diversity into any procurement decision, expanding opportunities for diverse suppliers and partners to create wealth

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Aerial view of Chicago neighborhoods with skyline in background.

The Chicago region cannot prosper while more than half of residents are excluded from mainstream economic, civic, and social life.

Regions that are more equitable grow faster than those with high levels of inequality.

Coalition members are taking action.

Based on community input, companies are identifying new ways to deploy their capital, capabilities, and employee enthusiasm.

Now is the time to act.

COVID-19 brought into sharp relief deep racial and economic disparities. The murder of George Floyd refocused the nation's attention on racial justice. Widespread gun violence and its devastating consequences for individuals, families, and whole communities remind us that we must do more than react.

We must address the root causes. We must move beyond "business as usual" to catalyze permanent systemic change.


Business as usual.

Business UNusual.

1. Move beyond philanthropy.

Philanthropy plays a critical role in our region, but businesses can have a greater impact than philanthropists alone. When companies challenge themselves to do business in ways that actively address inequities, change is possible. Equity and business success become linked—each promotes the other's growth.

2. Rethink business investment and operations.

Large and small, public and private, old and new—businesses are the lifeblood of our region. To reduce and sustain reductions in inequality, companies must invest and operate in ways that help businesses, residents, and the entire region thrive.
Hiring from local talent pools
Creating healing-centered workplaces
Investing in community-led real estate
development projects
Retaining and advancing employees
Working with local vendors
Growing business operations regionally

3. Take action.

Our members focus on what they can do today to create sustainable change in the Chicago region. The Coalition offers practical and innovative initiatives that amplify the impact of each hour and dollar spent.

4. Work together.

When we act together, we can challenge "business as usual" and build something new in its place. We can pool our resources and know-how and hold each other accountable for doing more. Together, we have the potential to change the culture of doing business in Chicago.

Our Initiatives

Chicago Resiliency Network

Building trauma-informed, healing-centered workplaces that are better for employees and better for business.

Companies learning, applying principles, and sharing new practices, challenges, and results.
Participation in the Corporate Connector has changed our trajectory.

Corporate Connector

Fostering relationships between catalytic real estate projects, related businesses, and Chicagoland's corporate community.

Bringing expertise and opportunities to community-led real estate developments and businesses to increase the likelihood of success.
EPIC is a lifeline for projects that need pre-development capital to unlock opportunity.


An innovative equity product that invites companies to invest in community-led catalytic real estate projects in neighborhoods affected by disinvestment.

Capitalizing $50-million pool of funds to provide flexible, patient, risk-tolerant, affordable equity capital.

Second Chance Initiative

Expanding our region's talent pool to include individuals with criminal records—millions of whom can become engaged and productive employees.

Companies come together in a cohort-based program to assess barriers, identify opportunities, and implement strategies with peer companies and local and national experts

5/25 Move to Action

Individual corporate commitments to build an inclusive and equitable Chicago by changing business operations—backed by action plans and impact measurement.

25+ firms have made specific pledges to act in three principal categories: inclusive workforce, businesses of color, and neighborhood investments.
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